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Curiosity is an Excellent Thing

Sometimes, all it takes to start a journey of curiosity is a fascinating lecture or an enriching workshop.

This is also a good starting point for those who want to enter the innovation world.

Our lectures and workshops are based on extensive professional knowledge and years of experience with leading customers in the market.

The lectures are intended both for professional audiences and for the general public. 

They are delivered in a way that makes the information accessible and creates curiosity and interaction,

by Guy Amiad, CEO of einsof, a leading lecturer at academic institutions and professional conferences .


Nonlinear - The evolution of change


We live in a period of rapid changes and technological leapfrogging. 

In this reality, the winners are those who adapt quickly to changes. 

What do the big bang, dinosaurs and giant companies have in common? 

Are we and our organization ready for the next change? 

What should we do to stay relevant and even lead? 

Can the human brain really cope with changes? 

Answers to all these questions and more in a fascinating journey between science, technology and innovative startups.

Key topics: Innovation, startups, technology, human behavior, big bang, distruption

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Data innovation - From raw information to intelligence

What global companies learned from the CIA and the Mossad and how it effect our personal data and privacy.

Stories and examples from mega brands and startups that share the same strategy:

Data driven organization. (Palantir, Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Google, Waze, Mobileye,  Pyramid, Salesforce, Signals and more).

Key topics: Data, big data, information, intelligence, innovation, business advantage, data driven organizations, technology, startups, privacy, GDPR.

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18 months from now: Innovation and the near future

The greatest challenge in rapid changing world is to stay relevant and innovation is the only way we can answer this challenge.

What can we learn from innovative companies like Tesla, SpaceX, Amazon, google netflix and more?

What is  the role of entrepreneurs and startups in the new business world?

How can we implement innovation in any organisation? 

Do you want to find the answers?

Good! so buckle up, we are taking a journey to the near future.


Generation CX: Customer Experience and Customer Empowerment

An Introduction to one of the key factors to success in our time: CX.

What is Customer Experience and why it's so important to every company and organization?

Who is our customer and what is "Customer Journey"?

The Data-CX connection.

Does startups need CX?

Key topics: Customer Experience, Customer Empowerment, Customer Relationship Management, Innovation, Data and Big Data, Digital, Social Media.


Algorithms - The New Gods

Algorithm - The keyword in the digital world of recent years.

The same technological motors that behind the scenes determine how our  Facebook feed will look,  our Instagram and what programs and movies will be recommended by Netflix.

Algorithms affect on the technology arena is so significant that there are people and companies that sure they cracked the code and have the "secret code" for understanding the mysterious algorithm.

In the lecture we will go on a fascinating journey on the border between technology and mysticism, and between the artificial and the human, we will get to know different algorithms, how they affect our lives and what will be their influence in the future.

Examples and fascinating cases from Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Spotify and more.

Key topics: Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Digital, Innovation, Technology, manmachine.


The Brand's Story: Storytelling and branding

From "product" to "brand".

The role of storytelling and branding in every stage of the company.

What is "Storytelling" and how can we use it to leverage our idea.



The Race to Space of Elon Musk

Elon Mask is one of the most influential entrepreneurs of our time and leads revolutions in entire industries.

In this lecture we will get to know the various companies he initiated and lead and the activity of SpaceX.

We will try to understand why so many companies are interested in this field and we will take a look to the backstage of industry and technology.

Key topics: Elon Mask, SpaceX, Tesla, Los Angeles, Amazon, Boeing, Facebook, Internet, Innovation, Technology, Space


Guy Amiad

CEO of einsof

Guy is strategy and innovation expert.

Since 2001, Guy is working with top tier companies and game-changing startups, helping them to grow their  businesses and reach their goals. 

In 2007 Guy founded mobi- an innovative mobile advertising agency and was one of the first mobile media advertisers in the world.

He writes and lectures about innovation, CX, big data and marketing in his blog, economic newspapers, conferences and in TV channels. 


IBM Alpha Zone - One of the elite acceleration programs in Israel.

The library - The City of Tel Aviv acceleration program for urban-tech startups. 

Fields of expertises:

Strategy, marketing, digital marketing, advertising, CX - costumer exprience, content and data.

Industries experience:

Retail, pharma and medical devices, smart cities, fintech and insurtech, autotech, media, adtech, edtech, HLS, defensetech and operations.

Guy Amiad CEO of einsof -
innovation and strategy expert

Guy Amiad CEO of einsof - innovation and strategy expert

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